About two years ago, I did a “Who We Are” video for an incredible consulting firm called TruEdge. TruEdge helps company leaders manage more effectively by focusing on the strengths of the individual and organizing the company to embrace change and complexity. I really enjoyed working with Mike & Cheryl and a few months ago, they reached out saying they added a new member to their firm and wanted to include her in their video.

This is the first video I made for TruEdge back in 2017

Instead of make an entirely new video, we decided to work their new partner, Sandra, into the current video. This is a great way to keep you videos current, without wasting the time, money, and energy on shooting and editing an entirely new video. Watch their updated video below to see how easy it is to keep your videos up-to-date and how seamlessly you can feature additional members of your company.

Video is still one of the best ways for your small business to show the humans behind the logo and with video’s inherent flexibility, that leaves your business all the room in the world to grow!

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