If Kids Can Cook Something THIS Delicious…


…there’s hope for the rest of us!

I was beyond thrilled when a client asked me to produce a mini “Chopped Junior” episode for a birthday party at Healthy Italia in Madison, New Jersey. Italian food? Little kids in chef hats? Shooting video? I’m in.

Aside from the cute mini-chefs running around I have to say…I snuck a taste of the food and it was positively delicious. I will absolutely be returning and signing up for one of their adult classes. The instructors are warm, helpful and well-versed in Italian cuisine. The kitchen is immaculate and bright- you can tell they run a tight ship when it comes to cleaning up. The front of the store sells imported Italian goods – they’re hard to ignore (read: not drool all over) as you walk in and out!

Although this video was not created for the purpose of advertising the business (it was purely for the birthday party) it’s a wonderful way for Healthy Italia to market itself. Rather than talking about what services you offer…SHOW them. Rather than talking about how much people enjoy your classes…SHOW them. Rather than talking about how beautiful your space is….SHOW it. That’s the beauty of video.

If you know someone that owns a service-based company like Healthy Italia – have them reach out to me!