Marco Bicego è così talento…


I’ve decided to speak in Italian in the hopes of getting even an ounce of his creativity! When Braunschweiger Jewelers approached me about shooting their evening with Marco Bicego, I was thrilled. His jewelry is adventurous yet classic – a tough combo to nail down.

I was blown away by his genuine passion for designing FOR his customers. His customers INSPIRE his pieces. One woman purchased a one-of-a-kind necklace during the evening and you could see the appreciation in both his and her eyes.

Marco Bicego’s business was handed down to him by his father who founded the company in 1958. His designs are based upon 3 signature hallmarks: multicolor gemstones, hand twisted coil and hand engraved 18K gold.

One of the most interesting things about Marco Bicego jewelry, in my opinion, is his take on the Traditional Bulino. The brand’s signature hand engraving is made with the traditional “bulino,” an ancient tool devised for the art of hand-carving which gives their gold a fine, brushed texture. The finish is what sets Marco apart and truly makes each piece unique.

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